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Rekrutmen PT Global Tiket Network (Tiket.com) Jakarta September 2020

22 September 2020

Rekrutmen PT Global Tiket Network (Tiket.com) Jakarta September 2020
adakarir.com | Tiket.com adalah situs web yang menyediakan layanan pemesanan hotel, tiket pesawat, tiket kereta api, penyewaan mobil, tiket konser, tiket atraksi, tiket hiburan dan tiket event yang berbasis di Jakarta, Indonesia. Tiket.com dibentuk pada bulan Agustus 2011.

Saat ini Tiket.com kembali membuka lowongan kerja sebagai :

Product Editor


  • Excellent written English and Bahasa Indonesia, including good spelling and grammar
  • Understand the UX Writing Principle
  • Understand the basics of writing for product
  • Mastering the required writing styles
  • Display a sense of empathy towards the user in writing form
  • A tactful approach when dealing with other stakeholders
  • Able to deliver large tasks, working individually or in a pair in a timely manner
  • Able to plan and estimate delivery of medium-large tasks, and proactively inform the team when work is likely to be delayed
  • Able to effectively prioritize own workload and focus across many streams of work
  • A meticulous approach to their work and an eye for detail
  • The ability to retain the Product Persona and Tone of Voice after editing
  • Good concentration, to focus on texts that may be lengthy or dull
  • Solve non-routine and simple problems independently or complex problems without supervision
  • Able to make decisions and take actions that are deemed valuable in product development and/or improvement due to a good sense of product ownership
  • Able to deliver constructive, actionable feedback in an empathetic way

Product Research

  • Ability to communicate the research impact to the organisational level
  • Ability to synthesize into based on needs and insights originating from multiple non-obvious internal and external sources
  • Solve problems few others can
  • Communicates effectively with non-designer audiences.
  • Able to explain their work to the wider company level
  • Able to explain complex design concepts to peers
  • Proactively share design knowledge to others
  • Ability to identify problems with the product team and process, investigate potential causes, work with the team to propose solutions/next steps, and make sure the fixes are prioritized and completed.
  • Actively mentors senior designer who want to achieve principal design ladder
  • Able to deeply understand verticals goals, ask questions/challenge verticals goals / seek clarity on what the verticals are doing, and why.
  • Uses the context of verticals goals to inform their work.

Cara Pendaftaran
Pendaftaran hanya dilakukan dengan cara mengirimkan CV dan Berkas secara online ke:

[Daftar Sekarang] - Product Editor
[Daftar Sekarang] - Product Research

Paling Lambat : -

Perhatian: Kami tidak pernah meminta imbalan atau biaya dalam bentuk apapun terhadap rekrutmen disitus ini apabila ada pihak yang mengatasnamakan kami atau perusahaan meminta biaya seperti transportasi atau akomodasi atau yang lainnya bisa dipastikan itu PALSU.
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