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Rekrutmen PT. Trakindo Utama Jakarta Juni 2020

7 Juni 2020

Rekrutmen PT. Trakindo Utama Jakarta Juni 2020

Manager - Sourcing & Procurement

  • Manage Supply Chain management concepts and multi-functional relationship, including supply chain planning, sourcing and procurement and supply chain execution, includes warehousing, supplier collaboration, replenishment, inventory management and transportation and improve performance in all work activities.
  • Manage the organization's overall supply chain strategy and long-term direction plan. Create a ‘strategic business plan’ and set up clear goals and priorities to optimize the supply chain in order to reduce total costs while increasing service levels. Work across the organization and with suppliers to manage total systems costs, while lead and engage the workforce, clearly demonstrate commitment, ownership and drive to accomplish set goals.
  • Analyze the relative costs, benefits, risks and opportunities (e.g. market conditions, resource availability, etc.) associated with various alternatives in order to determine their feasibility and the effect on supply chain performance.
  • Manage, assess, calculate, and understand the key Supply Chain performance indicators in order to determine business performance trends on a timely basis. Monitoring and managing overall productivity, service, and cost measurements.
  • Manage and monitor the performance and service levels of Supply Chain to its internal customers and providing recommendations on problem areas.
  • Review and monitor specific governance structures, policies and procedures, and controls for relevance and applicability. Document management of all supply chain policies, procedures and related documentation and continuously communicating these policies and procedures for implementation.
  • Manage additions, deletions and change requests to data and able to ensure that the appropriate data quality standards are adhered to the system. Able to identify data requirements as well as appropriate sources of information, uses of information, and ensuring that systems are aligned to ensure data integrity.
  • Review equipment and financial performance.

  • Extensive understanding of Supply Chain Management.
  • 5years experience in managing supply chain.
  • Well exposures in handling and managing Stakeholders and Management level.

Cara Pendaftaran
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Paling Lambat : 21 Juni 2020

Perhatian: Kami tidak pernah meminta imbalan atau biaya dalam bentuk apapun terhadap rekrutmen disitus ini apabila ada pihak yang mengatasnamakan kami atau perusahaan meminta biaya seperti transportasi atau akomodasi atau yang lainnya bisa dipastikan itu PALSU.
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